31 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Dr. Johnny Hunt On The Money, Possessions and Generosity.

This post originally appeared on the blog of Brian Dodd. Brian is a great friend of this ministry and incredible writer. We encourage you to check him out.

This evening I had the wonderful privilege of being part of a group of Christian leaders who heard the incomparable senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock (GA), Dr. Johnny Hunt discuss his personal journey regarding money, possessions and generosity. This was part of an event put on by INJOY Stewardship Solutions called Capital Campaign University.

As a leader, you cannot give people what you do not have.  Pastor Johnny’s thoughts will cause you to take a personal inventory on how you steward all God has entrusted you with.  The following are 31 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Dr. Johnny Hunt On The Money, Possessions and Generosity. After reading, make sure you take advantage of a special FREE resource from INJOY Stewardship.

1. Influence is the platform God gives you to help others succeed.
2. God has been preparing me for what God had prepared for me.
3. 80% of the people who come into a Christ-following relationship is because a friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor invited them to church.
4. If God can save Paul, He can save anybody. If God could use me, God could use anybody.
5. I’ve never missed anything I’ve given away.
6. Who influenced you? When did they influence you? How have they influenced you? And then I ask this question, What have you done with their influence?
7. Men die the way they lived.
8. We take in more a week now than we did in two years when I first came to the church.
9. We just planted our 21st church.
10. We do a stewardship series every Sunday…at offering time.
11. As a pastor our main ministry is exhortation.
12.You must emulate the truth you exhort.
13. Lord, give us a ministry where the sun will never set.
14. You can’t touch the world by giving up a Starbucks…We’ve dumbed it down.
15. People want to be part of something bigger than they are.
16. Move with the movers.
17. Out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.
18. God wants an opportunity to prove who He is.
19. I don’t know of a way to have a generous church without having a generous pastor.
20. You don’t have to be rich to be generous. You have to be generous to be generous.
21. I want to model generosity and touch poverty.
22. I want to live in light of eternity. I want to do now what I’ll be glad I did then.
23. Don’t ever forget where God found you.
24. Worship, it’s not just a song I sing with my hand raised but also with a billfold I’ve laid.
25. That’s what wrong. We’ve got people whose wallets have not been baptized.
26. Would you like me to teach you how to trust God? Start with your money.
27. You do not have to protect people’s pocket books. They’ll do a better job of that than you will.
28. The greatest joy of my life is when Jesus moves on my heart and tells me to give to someone.
29. Don’t try to transport something you don’t possess…I want this truth to be incarnational.
30. Apart from Jesus I am a greedy man.
31. What a blessing to live to be missed.

My Prayer Request

I’m often asked how someone can pray for me, for which I am eternally grateful for. Below are 7 areas that I pray for my own life and ask others to join me in praying. These are also areas that anyone can modify and use in their own lives as they seek to grow in Christ.

1. That I love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

2. That I live ever close and clean before Jesus Christ.

3. That I daily seek God's wisdom to live and lead.

4. That I honor my wife as my life partner.

5. That I lead FBCW with grace, integrity, godliness, and kindness.

6. That God clothe me in humility, purity, selflessness, and a spirit of generosity.

7. That as each of you pray please know my deep gratitude and appreciation and love for each of you!


As I prepare this week to take a group of people to the Holy Land, please join me in praying over each of these and for safety and protection as we travel. God Bless!

14 Practices Of Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches

This post originally appeared on Brian Dodd's Leadership Blog. Brian is a dear friend of this ministry and publishes a lot of great content.

Local magazines are usually below-average to say the very least. However, this past week I received the September edition of Around Woodstock magazine in my mailbox. The edition contained the normal items - recipes, stories of senior adult line dancing, and the local high school football schedule. However, embedded in this month's edition was an interview by Ann Litrel with our hometown pastor, First Baptist Church of Woodstock's Dr. Johnny Hunt. This interview was a goldmine for anyone interested in leadership or what it takes to pastor a great church. The following are 14 Practices Of Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches we learn from Dr. Johnny Hunt's interview with Around Woodstock magazine:

  1. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Make Students A Ministry Priority - NewSpring Church senior pastor Perry Noble recently said, "If you get too far removed from student ministry your church will become irrelevant before you know it." While the interview was taking place, Ann noted Pastor Johnny was signing stacks of his books to give away as gifts to the church's youth.
  2. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Focus On Little Things - No matter how big your church may get, details and doing small things with excellence yields big results. Pastor Johnny said, "I didn't set out have a big church. I never did anything big. It was the little things."
  3. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Genuinely Care About The People In Their Church - Pastors of great churches have a shepherd's heart. Pastor Johnny continued, "I get a hospital list every morning, so those folk are uppermost in my mind when I walk through the halls on Sunday. Maybe I know your mom is in the hospital and I pass you in the hall on my way to give the sermon. I'll stop and ask how your mother is, and we'll pray together right there on the spot."
  4. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Know The Value Of Their Non-Pulpit Ministry - NewSpring worship leader Lee McDerment said, "The songs might be done well but the most important thing may be a conversation I have in the lobby that Sunday." Pastor Johnny would concur. He said, "I'm preaching to 5,000 people that morning, but praying with you might be the most important thing I do all day. I like to say, 'I may do more ministry on the way to the pulpit than I do in the pulpit.'"
  5. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Serve Their Churches - Pastors of great churches serve others rather than serving themselves. Pastor Johnny noted, "You can't lead people unless they know you're serving them."
  6. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Serve Their Communities - In addition to serving their churches, pastors of great congregations also serve the communities in which they reside. Pastor Johnny went on, "You're mobilizing the people to reach their potential. I'm a commander of a large army, and I need to lead them to conquer. But conquering is, let's feed this community, let's clothe this community."
  7. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Invest In Other Pastors - During the interview, Pastor Johnny noted he mentors pastors from all over the country through both his Timothy Barnabas ministry and The Johnny Hunt Men's Conference. He also invest in pastors globally in such countries as Cuba, Istanbul and Iraq.
  8. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Place Their Church's Needs Over Their National Platforms - Pastor Johnny said regarding his global responsibilities, "I will preach here (at FBC Woodstock) 45 out of 52 Sundays a year. I don't fly out until after I preach on Sunday."
  9. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Speak To The Needs Of Their People - There is nothing worse than a leader who answers questions no one is asking. Speaking to people's felt needs provides you opportunities to speak to their spiritual needs. Pastor Johnny says, "It's not hard. You just listen. People will tell you what they need."
  10. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Proactively Solve Problems - Pastors of great churches have a bias towards action and solutions. Pastor Johnny acknowledged, "I'm very burdened and concerned with foster care. So I made it my business to get to know the folks at the DFACS office in Canton (GA) and find out what they need. We sent in bookkeepers and CPAs, got them a whole new bookkeeping and filing system."
  11. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Bring Hope To People - Pastor Johnny continues about the church's role at DFACS, "The meeting rooms for foster parents were so depressing, they'd discourage anyone from fostering a child. So we knocked out some walls, opened them up with light and windows - just made it a nice place to be."
  12. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Do Things With Excellence - Still more from DFACS. Pastor Johnny went on, "The waiting rooms were very noisy. Families who come have a lot of kids. DFACS said, 'We need a playground for these kids', and it's MAGNANIMOUS what we built them."
  13. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Reach Their God-Given Potential And Help Their Church Reach Their's - Pastors of great churches do not live average lives. Pastor Johnny concluded, "I want to reach my own God-given potential. Charles Spurgeon, a preacher in the 1850s said, 'The average human has misjudged their capacity for God.'"
  14. Senior Pastors Who Grow Great Churches Are Inspirational - The people in our churches are dying for inspiration. As Ann left her interview with Pastor Johnny, she noted, "As I leave Pastor Johnny's office, I feel inspired. I can't help but notice I've joined the many who have received a personal gift from this man - a vision of service."

Pastors and church leaders, what did you learn from Pastor Johnny which will make you a better Christian leader?

5 Ways to Develop a Great Relationship with Your Senior Pastor

By Jim Law

It’s my joy to serve as executive pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., going on 23 years now. One of the most distinct privileges of this position is the opportunity I have to continually develop a close relationship with my pastor, Dr. Johnny Hunt. He is unquestionably my boss, but other than my wife, he is my best friend and closest confidant.

I am often asked about serving along a lead or senior pastor by executive pastors and other staff ministers. They want to know: What is involved in developing a good relationship with your senior pastor? Does it automatically happen as you serve together? Is it an easy thing to accomplish? Who is more responsible for the outcome, you or the pastor?

Here are some points that have helped make my and Pastor Johnny’s relationship possible:

1. Be certain you are called by God to ministry and you are where He wants to you be, doing what He wants you to do. God has first place in my life without question. Certainly without a doubt, I am called here and that call involves my leadership of the staff and service to the members of FBCW. But I feel God called me here primarily to serve my pastor.

2. Show him respect and make sure he knows he can trust you. This is the key element that made our relationship possible. I respect him. He can trust me. Since day one, Pastor Johnny and I made it a priority to have mutual respect for one another. Although we do not agree on everything, we respect each other’s opinions and I keep our disagreements private. He has my loyalty and trust, and I communicate that to him often.

3. Look for ways to serve him. Much of my responsibility is to make his load lighter. I have a specific job description, but my desire is to not be limited by it. Instead, I do whatever is necessary to free Pastor Johnny up to do what God has called him to do.

4. Look for regular ways to bless your pastor and his family. They deserve it and they need it. One of my pastor’s strongest gifts is encouragement, so I try to follow his example. I regularly write personal notes, emails and other forms of communications not only to him, but also to his family. I celebrate and offer congratulations on occasions that are special to his family, such as accomplishments, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

5. Most importantly, pray diligently and continually for him, his family and his ministry. I have attempted to follow the example he has so passionately set for me in being a faithful prayer warrior. I spend regular and specific amounts of time praying for him and his needs daily. He deals with issues no one knows about and needs the wisdom of God. I drop him notes to assure him of my prayers for him regularly. Pray diligently for your pastor and assure him you are doing so. There is no greater gift you can give him.

I realize there must be a mutual effort on the part of both you and your senior pastor to have a great relationship. I pray that you will make it a priority to consciously and intentionally put into practice these points. And I pray that God will do a work in your relationship in ways that perhaps you are not experiencing presently. It’s the right thing to do.

Dealing with Stress

Recently Pastor Johnny received an email from a dear friend in ministry about dealing with stress. This is a question that Pastor Johnny gets on a regular basis and felt it would be a great resource to include here on his website. We pray this will help you as you serve in ministry.

I've been under an extreme amount of stress lately.

1. Whats the best resource you have read about dealing with stress?

Answer: Honestly I read daily throughout the year the book of Psalms. The Psalmist was always dealing with stressful issues and his solutions encourage me and remind me that I'm not alone.

2.  What practical steps do you take during the week to help you release stress?

Answer: I go for long walk, I think, I reason, and I pray. My doctor said that my exercise releases much of my stress.

3. Seems like stress is always present and it ambushes my emotions and mind as I still have to navigate my daily life. The problem is that I tend to make poor decisions when I am stressed. What kind of system do you have in place that helps you make better decisions even under stress?

Answer: I tend to respond under stress however I have ask my Father to fill me with His Spirit and His fruit. He has been helping me as I surrender to be patient, also exercise self control. I need daily in my life is Surrender! If I surrender He moves on my life! Truth to remember, never make a major decision under stress or when depressed or discouraged!

Pastors and Rest

Pastor Johnny often gets emails about his busy schedule and how he maintains balance. Below is the response to a recent email where Pastor Johnny answered many of those questions. Please excuse any grammar mistakes. This was not written to be a published piece but just one pastor sharing his heart to another. We pray that this will help you in your ministry.

Dear Brother Jim:

It was a joy to have you in our conference.  Concerning your questions:

1.  How many hours a week do you work?

On the average 60 hours.  This would be including Sunday through Friday at 12:00 p.m.

2.  How much and what kind of rest do you get?

I normally spend a few extra hours at home on Monday morning after a tiring day on Sunday.  Also after 27 years at Woodstock of preaching a Sunday evening service we have cancelled our Sunday night service. We have 3 morning worships, 3 Sunday Schools, a Spanish service at 1:30 and we are beginning 2 possibly add 3 morning Children’s Churches; with the demands of all the events and all the lay people needed on Sunday morning we have cancelled our Sunday night service.  We do a Wednesday night where we train our people for Sunday which is an incredible evening.

Concerning how much and what kind of rest I get.  I enjoy relaxing around my home, reading and I exercise on the average of 3 days a week.  I do high speed walking on the treadmill or outside as well as working with a trainer to stay strong within the core.  I also take the month of July off every year in order to do a Biblical sabbatical.  I read for my own personal refreshment and encouragement during that time. I spend the entire month with my wife, children and grandchildren; mostly with just my wife.  I also take an additional 4-5 weeks of vacation a year.  I don’t always miss Sundays but I will leave Sunday afternoon and return late on Friday or either Saturday.  I am good about taking my time off.

3.  Can you share a brief thought, biblical insight, or opinion about the need for rest in the life of a pastor?

I am deeply convicted concerning sharing brief thoughts, Biblical insights or opinions about the need for rest in the life of a Pastor.  One of the things that happened in my life in 2010 after a bout with cancer, serving as President of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as preaching 4 services on Sunday at Woodstock I hit a wall; God sure flat got my attention.  During that time I sought medical attention as well as Biblical counseling.  Through that I was determined to have margins in my life. I try to never have a time in my life that I sense an overwhelming tiredness and pushing too hard that I am not able to see a break coming in my life.  About every 2 months I pull away for a few days in order to rest.  I have found that if I am not at my best I am vulnerable to anything the Bible teaches in Matthew 15:18 and following concerning the sins of our hearts.  So I want to be at my best physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and relationally; for that to happen I must have rest.  Sometimes it is just a matter of taking a few extra hours and kicking the brain out of gear, spending time with my wife and asking her what she thinks about my life.  One of the major emphasis in my life is that I am being led by 7 Principles concerning what I would like to do with the remainder of my life.  These have served as guide rails to keep me in the straight and narrow.  I have included them below:

1. Pastoring the First Baptist Church of Woodstock

2. Mentoring Young men called to preach the Gospel

3. Training and Encouraging existing Pastors

4. Touching Poverty

5. Training college and seminary students

6. Planting Churches

7. Modeling Generosity

Hope this helps,

Pastor Johnny

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